about our company

The BBS is anxious to convert the current state of art into practice and consequently to give recommendations to the implementation.
The BBS INSTITUT supports the BBS ENGENIEERING with laboratory tests when working on projects. The characteristics of the building materials and their dependence on the characteristic of the building material are checked in order to develop an optimal concept under the different climate of the location of the building and under an economic point oft views.
Aditional we give advice on the development of new structures and materials. These new structures and materials will be optimised on the basis of preliminary studies which are based on scientific and practice-orientated researches; also we attend them until launch.

BBS has excellent contacts with the institutes and universities and the industry in China and maintains a laboratory for building - physics and energy as well at Hefei University Anhui China. In this lab, the crucial research and testing institutes of Anhui Province and the city Hefei are integrated.

We work on public promoted themes of sciences and research as well as on direct questions of the industry and economy.

Along with the development in building techniques and changes in legal standards and regulations, an building-physical review of new projects as well as existing buildings, mostly historical buildings, becomes more and more important.
To solve the problems in the sectors

heat- and sound-insulation,moisture- and fire-protection

without disregarding the close connection of each of these topics.