Fields of Activity

R&D Practiced research and development
New building systems to reduce the consumption of energy
Stabilization of the climate- and room situation with structural measures
Progressing of the buildings’ sustainability
Increasing of the physical health regarding habitation with the help of building- and ecological methods of construction
Decrease of the investive and operating costs regarding the buildings’ handling by applying optimized climate concepts
Innovation with new developed building materials
Tests of building materials and constructions at the BBS- or another involved (test-) institute
Assessment of building materials and proposals for optimizing
Test certifications at the BBS- or another accredited institute
Expert monitoring when getting a license of building systems at the DIBT or another regional admission office
Test engineering assistance at present projects
Quality assurance regarding the internal and/ or external quality control
Preliminary studies regarding project drafts
Studies concerning product inquests
Market enquiry
Interviews with customers
Feasibility studies
Implementation studies
Product analysis
Working projects
Support at projects
Assumption of technical achievement
Optimization of national projects with the help of network management
Developing strategies/ concepts to realize projects and ideas
Optimizing the connection of technique and marketing
Training and consulting when launching
Processing of projects regarding building physics
Buildings’ optimizing with the help of sustained yield concepts
Optimizing the buildings’ serviceability
Developing economical concepts
External processing of orders