The area of acoustics is divided into four sections: sound-insulation (building-acoustics), room-acoustics, noise and vibration control.
The field of work of sound insulation includes advisory as well as supervisory activities in the area of the building-acoustics. At this, the sound-technical planning as well as measurements and check-ups of airborne and impact sound insulation of building elements take centre stage.
With help of simulations, the acoustic behaviour of larger rooms can be mapped, in order to give instructions for the optimal positioning of absorption- and/or reflection-areas.
In the area of the emission control for example emissions by traffic-noise, sport and leisure facilities are gathered and rated. On the basis of these results, necessary noise-control measures can be developed.
Another section of acoustics is about attenuation and damping of structure-borne sound. The spectrum of questions reaches from protection of shock-sensitive measuring-equipment to whole buildings.