Strength Testing

We are able to determine the mechanical characteristics of materials by tear-, pressure- and bending-tension examinations. Besides testing methods according to German and international standards, it is possible to carry out tests depending on custom-made methods.

Strength e.g. according to DIN EN 12311-1
- Tear propagation resistence e.g. according to   DIN EN 12310-1
- Peeling tests e.g. according to EN 1464, EN 1895
- Adhesion-tension strength e.g. according to  DIN EN ISO 4624
- Holding strength of connecting devices  e.g. according to DIN EN 13446
- Bending-/ Pressure- tests e.g. according to   DIN EN 1015-11
- Thread-/ fibre-tests
- Sheer-strength e.g. according to EN 1465, DIN EN 12090