Software - LowEnergyCertificate

The evaluation program LEC
LEC (Low energy Certificate) is a planning tool to evaluate the energetics of buildings. The program was developed by the BBS INSTITUTE led by Prof. Dr. -Ing. Hans-Peter Leimer in cooperation with the Hefei University (Anhui/China) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, HAWK, (Hildesheim/Germany). The development was completed by the support of and cooperation with econet (China) and PKPM (China).
Due to the evaluation program it is possible to evaluate nearly all building types and parts of a building with regard to their energetic quality separately after the heating period and after the cooling period.
The examination of the buildings with regard to the regional climate conditions is based on pure physics. In this context it is important to mention that the calculations are exclusively based on results of heat techniques differential equations.
The basis for the evaluation of the heating period is a comparison with similar buildings (so-called reference buildings) that were in accordance with the method of building according to the standard of the 80ies paying attention to each climatic region.
As far as the cooling periods are concerned, the evaluation is based on compari-sons with an optimal front defined as neutral to cooling energy.
The evaluation of the energy for cooling and heating requirements are re-evaluated, classified and shown with regard to certain criteria. The result of the energetic verification is presented with a simple star system. An increase of stars clearly shows the energetic quality of the building, which means that the user can immediately recognize the energetic quality of the building using a simple illustration.


LEC (Low Energie Certificate)
是一种建筑能耗评价设计工具。此软件在汉斯皮特·赖默教授的领导下,由BBS INSTITUT与合肥学院(中国安徽)、希尔德斯海姆应用科技大学(德国下萨克森州)、东南大学(中国南京)和Sinobau e.V.(中国上海)共同合作研发。在研发过程中也得到了来自中国德中生态商务平台(中国)和中国建筑科学院(上海分院)的合作帮助和大力支持。
利用此评价软件几乎可以对所有类型的建筑物和建筑构件根据其能耗情况,分别对其在采暖期和制冷期内进行评价。 建筑物的评价是在考虑当地气候条件的情况下,在纯建筑物理学的基础上进行的。这里的计算都是基于热工技术平衡方程的解。


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