BBS building physics

BBS Engineering - Our working field in this is part of our tasks is to provide the detailed project work like concepts, calculations for building with high requirements in building physics performance as well for standard buildings. Our experience to develop special project concepts started with old historical frame work buildings up to indoor pools, as well as green building and green cities in the context of ecological and economic optimization. The BBS is anxious to convert the current state of art into practice and consequently to give recommendations to the implementation.
BBS INSTITUTE - Our work is the research of whole buildings, building components, building materials and constructions by analysis and testing. We have qualified test rooms, in order to test the specific conditions of the materials and the building themselves. Here we can describe exactly the rel. humidity and Temperature in the material layers as well we can measure the indoor climate and air flow speed in the room. Our Institute and Laboratory for Research and Materials Tests in Applied Building Physics and Building Materials has considerable facilities, so we can determine the standard of material characterization as well as the research of the performance of building components, like walls, roofs, ceiling, etc in a controlled double climate chamber. The research of whole buildings under different climate conditions we can provide as well in the lab and under real conditions. In our climate controlled labs we able to determine nearly all material parameters which are used to describe the performance of the materials under the objectives of building physics. By using endoscopy examination we determine the level of the structure and cross section areas as well damages inside the structure.
BBS CONSULT - Our work is to guide a company who develop new building materials and constructions and so we offer as well the consulting services and all tests of our Institute. These optimization services are based on preliminary research according to the market needs and structure with scientific and practical research.