Workshop 2019 Nanjing China - Toward the Revitalization of Historic Place 

HAWK Hildesheim - Hefei University - Tongji University Shanghai - Southeast University Nanjing

Architectural development is combined with the preservation of the existing historical structure. This development is taking place in china’s most important metropolises. On the one hand there are arising fantastic new buildings; on the other hand the point in question is to integrating the historical places into the urban planned concept as well as preserving and using the old buildings. One of these areas is the arrangement of the listed garden villas, being part of the British settlement at the beginning of the 19th Century. The problem is developing measures of redevelopment for the area Bao Yang, enabling the Chinese investor to offer modern living in existing building structure located in an area of lowered traffic facilities. Within this work the measures of redevelopment have to be produced for the historical garden villas taking into consideration urban planning, architecture and building physics.