July 17  Green Technology Roundtable Workshop Series-Restoration and Renovation of Residential Buildings in China

Date: July 17, 2014 15:30

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Title: Restoration and Renovation of Residential Buildings in China – feasibilities and constraints

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Arch. Hans-Peter Leimer

Abstract: The conservation of residential buildings in existence is a new topic in China. Within the context of various research projects with the department of construction in Hefei and Hangzhou solutions have been discussed and first approaches have been developed. These approaches focus on the objective to preserve the residential buildings that were constructed during the 1980s instead of tearing them down.

The goal is to enable modern living for the residents of these existing buildings, while considering economic, ecologic and socio-political aspects.

However, more and more frequently buildings are required to guarantee defined climatic conditions, but in contrast to the norm they are based on different concepts. Thus questions arise about temperature progression during the months of summer (“summer thermal insulation”), about the energy demand and comfort. The housing technology systems of existing buildings on no account satisfy these requirements and demands.


The lecture will discuss and answer the following questions:

How can we decrease the energy demand?

How to increase quality and comfort of the buildings?

How can we realize our targets?

What users want and willing to pay for!



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